Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 9th-13th

Tropical Rain Forests

April 9th-13th

Theme:  Rain forests
Letter: U review
Jesus Time: Jesus Visits the Disciples

This week we are going to be talking about when Jesus visited the disciples after he rose from the dead.  Our word of the week is FAITH. 

Journals: If I could be a rainforest animal, I would be a _____.
Math/ Science: Create vines by counting chain links, make pattern snakes, rain forest animal match, tree frog Math
Sensory:  Rainforest sensory with black beans (dirt), plants and rain forest animals
Technology: Monkey Math School Sunshine (Ipads), Rainforest sounds on the smartboard
Writing/fine motor: Rain forest write the room, Learning without Tears letter U
Art: Vine making, U is for Undergrowth in the rain forest, Red Eyed Tree Frog craft, Parrot craft, Rain Forest painting
Secrets of the Rainforests
Who Lives in the Rainforest?
"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth
Can You Find it in the Rainforest?

Important dates

Friday, April 27th- ECE Grandparents Day
Friday, May 25th- Pre-K Ice Cream Social/class awards 10:30 am (Friendship Hall next to Webster Gardens church)
Friday, May 25th- Last Day of School/Early Dismissal for the School Picnic

Making pattern snakes for the rainforest

March 26th-April 6th

Theme: A Journey to the Cross
Letter: U and E

In these two week, the children are learning about the story of Easter beginning with Palm Sunday going into Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, then the Resurrection of Jesus.  We are focusing on the sacrifice Jesus made for us, so we can live eternally with him in heaven some day! 
"He is not here.  He has risen, just like he said!" Matthew 28:6

E is for Eggs
(Easter eggs represent the empty tomb)
Can you find a match?

 Making My Easter Story Book

Measuring Carrots

Spring is in the air!

Egg Decorating

Cardinals Opening Day!
Let's Go Cardinals!!!

March 5-16th


March 5-16th

Theme: Weather
Jesus Time: Parables
Letter: G and K

The students are learning a lot about the changing weather in the Spring.  We are starting to predict the weather and make graphs to find out the most common weather of the week.

Sunshine Day

 Making Rain clouds

Graphing Lucky Charms 

Rainbow Art

Playing in the rain

Rainbow Letter Match

Pot Of Gold Number Game

At the End of the rainbow I found...

Rainbow necklaces

Look what the Leprechaun left us!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Theme:  Mail/Valentines
Letter: Rr
Jesus Time:  Jesus Miracles 

Post Office Workers

Valentine Listening Center

Letter Writing Center 

If I were a Mail Truck Driver...

Valentine Making Station

Love Letter Game

 Valentine's Day Party!